Saturday, 15 June 2013

Blog Update: Im so sorry im lazy!

Hey guys,
I really am sorry for my lack of posting lately.
I've been so busy lately with exams and work experience and a metal concert.
So heres an update on things and I promise Ill do an outfit post soon!
I dyed my hair like two weeks ago. Im planning on going blue.

I went to Melbourne for work experience with Emilie Gray, which was the most amazing experience. I learnt alot about making your own stuff and running your own business which has inspired me to get my accessories business up and running and ill be starting an etsy shop up soon ;). Any ideas for names?
Emilie was the most amazing woman and she is honestly so talented, Im planning on starting to sew more and get more experience because i clearly have to learn alot before i can be as good as her.

I've been listening to alot of Ghost town lately which are like a cute hardstyle band check them out!

I'm thinking I might actually be more interested in working in the music industry or something, if you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I am a massive metal fan and a diverse music hipster.. so I'm thinking of looking at designing band merch or being a promotion  manager so it should be exciting to look a little more into that. If you guys have an ideas of careers that i look into let me know. :)

Who went to download? I know i didn't.. because i live in Australia obviously.. but me and Nicole went to the next best thing! like two days ago we saw Thy art is Murder, Cattle Decapitation, Aversions Crown and King Parrot in Melbourne, for Thy arts hate tour.
It was the greatestfuckingthingever! It was amazing and i chucked so much mosh. It was also my first big gig and it was amazing. I bought the hate tour tshirt today so you'll be seeing that soon! :D 
I love my metal and this was so good. Cattle are also great and King Parrot had amazing stage air. I realised how many gigs I wanna hit up this year and how much money i need.. more reasons to sell hair accessories. 
If you live overseas they're doing a european tour so check them out.

I'll be doing heaps more posts soon and hopefully you guys will be able to see  some proper photos of my hair soon. Be sure to check out my work ex employers page
Love you guys