Monday, 24 November 2014

This is goodbye

This blog is now defunct, I've switched to my new blog I love you all for supporting me through this journey and I hope you'll continue it with me.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Lets go down to the tennis court and talk it up like yeah!

Well hey hey hey! Holidays i tell you, I am almost out of money and I am so busy I am barely getting any sleep. I saw the hobbit the other day and I wasn't overly impressed I guess Im just not into those sort of movies aswell, as the ending really disappointed me I expected more to happen.
I wore a really cute black floor length velvet skirt and a black and white polka dot halter top it was gorgeous! I also might have got another job at a cafe and I got a cute tweed skirt from a market. 
I've been working really hard on homework lately as school only goes back in a few days and I have a shit load of correspondence to do. I bought all my stationary the other day and put it in my adorable unicorn pencil case and put that in my adorable orange bubble backpack.

I also started my etsy store and Im starting to make product to sell, at the moment I just have the one headband which is similar to one ive made before. so go check it out and keep your eyes peeled for more. 

Im planning to update the layout and what not of my blog when I get a chance, but at the moment I've just been totally flat out, when I get back to school and start working out a routine I defiantly will.

This outfit I wore to the movies a couple of days back with two girlfriends, I saw the book thief and wasn't that soul crushing? 

This outfit was based off a rookie post, I believe by the appearance of it that it was themed around grunge and the lorde craze. So i basically copied one of the outfits with pieces that I own. 

Choker- $2 Shop, Necklace- From mum, Tshirt borrowed from mum, Badges- markets, Black dress- thrifted, Bag- Buy trade and sell, Docs- Vintage store. 

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

We live in cities you'll never see on screens, not very pretty but we sure know how to run things.

I haven't written a blog post in a while. There is a huge amount of tourists residing in my small shitty country town, which means the internet is incredibly slow therefore it is almost impossible to upload photos. 

It has been quite a long time since I have written anything, so I can actually say that alot has happened. I have 2 friends from the city up staying near by and I have been out quite a bit. 

Im definantly considering the possibility of selling my flower crowns, because I dont have a job and alot of people have been suggesting it. I have an etsy store and I am in the middle of listing products but my photos wont upload which is frustrating me. So if anybody is interested in a personalised flower crown get keen. 

School goes back soon and I honestly couldnt be more overjoyed. I have missed so much school aswell as all of my friends are busy working this holidays so I am slowly becoming a sad hermit who obsessed writes and draws and studies. I bought a new school bag, an orange bubble backpack and I have an adorable unicorn pencil case. 

I started a diary, and im working on writing in it everyday. Every good blogger I know has one and its very rookie styled which appeals to me. Im trying to focus it on art and music styled pieces more so than just my life, Instead of just writing about what happens day to day I write about feelings and emotions. Its interesting to look at life from a different perspective. 

This outfit post is from a few days ago. I went to the markets with my girlfriends and  I bought alot of badges and some records and spent way too much money, but it was totally worth it I havent seen a market half as great as that one was in a long time.

I made this flower crown the night before, and It is huge but my flower crowns have to be, (walking advertisement HELLO.) Its disney princess themed, The centre piece is a yoyo i bought from the $2 store, and then i used a mix of bedazzles and flowers. The dress, Is an old favourite that I thrifted when I was bestfriends with nicole. The earrings I bought on the first and only day of school I have wagged.  The necklace was a gift, and i finished it off with some high heeled lace up boots in a cream colour from a thrift store (the photo disappeared) 

I also dyed my hair purple which you may notice, The blonde was just so plain and I had plenty of purple dye left. I am in  need of a haircut quite badly but I just have to decide what Im actually doing with my hair, Im considering growing out the shave and trying like a mod style maybe? 

So i have alot of outfit posts to post soon if I can actually get a decent wifi signal in the next couple of days. 

Much love 
Jade xx 

Heaband- Made by me, Earrings- $2 shop, Dress- Thrifted, Necklace- Gift, Boots- Thrifted.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

The little Perm-maid

I saw frozen today, Disney have done it again. I love disney movies like so much, My favourite is the Little mermaid and my favourite disney princess is belle from beauty and the beast. I liked frozen because it had an adorable story and a cute reindeer in it. 

I went to lunch and the movie and thats pretty much been my day, all of my friends are working and never have any days off lately so there hasn't been much of a chance for me to see them. I just want to have a cute beach day while I perve on hot boys but no one is up for it. Which is frankly disappointing. So instead I've just been trying to start some of my correspondence work which I am allowed to start before next year, Im doing art by distant education and business by tafe, I tried to start the art work but as an artist Im finding it rather draining as it doesnt give me much room for interpretation, its basic fruit still life which is not my cup of tea.

This outfit, was a quick choice based around my 'perm-maid' headband i like this one quite alot I dont have any pink headbands really. I added the crop top and the polka dot skirt, the cute capsule backpack and these gorgeous patent leather heels, that remind me of 70s prom shoes, i was planning on diying them but i actually like them by themselves, and especially with these cute cat socks that i got in the city, they were originally for jelly sandals but i like how they look with these shoes aswell.  

My face close up, excuse the horrible acne, im having a breakout and nothing im doing is stopping it. but how fun is my pendant! like seriously guys its hand painted. 

Headband- Made by me, Pendant- Thrifted, Crop top- Borrowed from mum, Skirt- Garage sale, Socks- Asian vendor, Shoes- Thrifted, Bag- Thrifted. 

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Theres unicorns in my hair, I have so much flair, i had a needle shoved into my face, Im a sexy member of the human race. HOLLA!

After the last 3 days, I am in a reasonably optimistic mood, there hasn't been any sweltering heat which is wonderful. Christmas was a wonderful day and my family went up and above with my Christmas presents, i got alot of money, a dslr camera, a dressmakers mannequin and more. I wore the headband I'm wearing in this post and a gorgeous high waisted glittery skirt that I thrifted on Christmas eve. On boxing day I spent a few hours in town with my girlfriends doing some shopping, I bought a pair of burgundy and black t- pair wedges and got into an awkward abusive situation in the main street with a footy head who called us lesbians. 

As you may have noticed my hair is a different shade, Its yellow in the fringe and purple on the shave, I dont love it as much as I thought I would, the purple looks a bit weird. But i like the yellow and i hated being blonde. 

Yesterday I did a city trip with my mum, as she promised we would after christmas, i got a piercing, bought some crop tops, the top im wearing is one, $60 worth of fake flowers, makeup and art supplies and some bits and pieces. 

It was a wonderful day! and there was some gorgeous boys around, aswell as i got alot of things I needed. My vertical labret did hurt but god it was so worth it! I've wanted this piercing for ages and to finally have it makes me so happy, apparently due to the fact that I have a lip piercing I am now ten thousand times more attractive, at lunch today i heard a group of guys discussing me, 'as the hot girl with the yellow hair and the lip thingy' I find it rather superficial shallow and frankly a little insulting, but whatever floats your boat really.

So the outfit is just a casual piece i threw together to go to lunch with mum, I bought the shirt and shoes in the city. I love jelly sandals, but after going to that gig i noticed that every 12 year old in the area owns and wears a pair, so i like them less now, but hey I stand out anyway so i doubt this will make a difference. The shorts i wore in a recent post and I thought would work well with  this top. The  bag I thrifted with Nicole last week, originally she picked it up but then decided she didnt want it, so i bought it, because I have an obsession with bags and I liked the pattern so much, its a really cute pattern like old vintage maps and its a lovely neutral colour. 

Excuse my lack of foundation,  but look! Blue mascara that mum bought me . 

so this is my vertical labret, its basically a curved bar through my bottom lip and i think its gorgeous, I've wanted it for a very long time, and i chose this one in particular as there is nothing inside my mouth to ruin my enamel, and the scarring wont be on my face and therefore not as noticebable when i take it out, i also just like how it looks and i have a pouty bottom lip so with this I have a gorgeous pout.

Headband- Made by me, Crop top- Cotton on, Shorts- Thrifted, Bag- Thrifted, Jellies- Factorie.

A close up of the pattern on my bag.

My gorgeous purple jellies! I love this shade, please excuse my disgusting legs. 

My headband, I used toothpick windmills, a unicorn and random tidbits from vintage charm braclets. 

I ordered 12 wire wrap headbands from hong kong about a month ago and i recieved them yesterday, I love the gorgeous polka dot pattern, get keen to see them in an outfit post soon.

And finally lipstick that i bought yesterday, Stargazer with a beautiful pigment and lots of glitter, I cant wait to wear these when my piercing heals a little.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Gold baby! Gold baby!

Christmas Eve, The day before Christmas, The eve of Christmas Celebrations. Everyone seems to get really freaked out and people are milling everywhere stocking up on last minute supplies, Not my family. I live with my mum, Its just mum and me so Christmas isn't really a big deal, we don't have alot of family so basically we just make some nice food and hang out at home, my dad comes over and its not a big deal. I would probably like to have more family but this is just how it is, and I tend to get way to stressed too easily so its probably better that out 'traditional' christmas is chill. Today we did some casual last minute christmas shopping and went for a quick trip to a close town to drop off some stuff to a friend have lunch and buy a new glue gun, I did some thrifting and got some new fake flowers and bits of junk for headbands. 

This look I planned around the top which is gold and sparkly, I added the headband which I made a few days a go for my birthday party, Its made using disney fairies and pastel roses that i bought from the reject shop. The lipstick is the brand I mentioned in my last post, I added the stockings and jellys and this really cute bag which I just bought the other day at the thrift store, I enjoy this outfit, it reminds me of fairies and good things. I just wish I could wear heels because that would totally pull this off. 

Headband- Made by me, Lipstick- Big W, Necklace- Jay Jays, Shirt- Thrifted, Dress-  Gift from Ex boyfriends sister, Stocking Socks- Garage Sale, Jelly Sandals- Factorie, Bag- Thrifted.

Monday, 23 December 2013

My nipples, My choice

I began to wear bras before I needed them, I was 10 and I felt incredibly pressured to, nipples were not cool.. cleavage was. This was the way things were.

My mother a self affirmed feminist didn't agree with this. One day she decided that I had to go one day without wearing a bra, I cried and cowered and placed a jumper over myself. For the next 6 years I never went one day without wearing a bra, when I had friends over I slept in them. I had never ever been able to just not wear one, let alone go out into public without it.

2 years ago I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis, I had protruded ribs and it was very painful to wear an underwired bra, at the end of the day I would be in severe pain from the underwire. But still I had to continue to wear bras because there was an internal part of me that felt like it was not right not to, that a woman needed cleavage, and that seeing the outline of a stiff nipple was so disgusting and improper it should of been illegal.

I felt this way due to peer pressure and media influences, because of things that I had learnt during in my life from other people.

Since coming back from my scoliosis surgery I haven't been able to wear bras due to my re healing ribs and my healing scar. This has been a change and a shock to the system to a girl who foundations of adolescence were built on prehistoric views of proper womanhood.

But suddenly I begin to question everything Ive known, I have small tits. Im barely a 12 B, I dont need bras, I can wear a singlet top and feel supported. I dont have huge nipples or anything, It doesn't confront anybody if I dont wear a bra. So why do people feel the need to comment on it? Tell me its inappropriate? What makes people think that you have to wear a bra to be proper. Sure you can tell because my cleavage isn't in my face but other than that theres no huge identifier of my lack of fabric and underwire under my shirt.

So what is societies issue with the braless woman? Sure in some settings it might be  appropriate to wear a bra, but why all the time?

The questions hasn't really been answered to be honest, everywhere I look women dont even know why, suddenly we just feel obligated to smush our breasts into padded bras, and hide our shape and our nipples.
Bras are for support, not to hide you womanhood so ladies. join me in my nipples my choice and take one day just to let your breasts be free.