Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Pinky and the bell sleeves

Last outfit post from my holiday,  This was just another simple one, with that spider crown we love so much. Im back at school tomorrow so there might be less outfit posts for a while.  Im going to get into a bit of a routine so keep checking me out for some new interesting looks.

Headband- Made by me, Sunglasses- Paddys Markets, Scarf- Thrrifted, Dress- Sunny Girl, Boots- Payless shoes.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Hey, Hey baby 'oh' 'ah' i wanna know oh oh oh oh oh oh will you be my girl?

My outfit is simple, but this scarf is new and I thought it looked nice just with a simple top and jeans. Head scarfs are gorgeous and I've never really rocked the trend, but i gave it a go. I arrived home from my trip today and I have one more outfit post from my holiday that i will post tomorrow. Im get really creative lately and I've started working on re doing my room, I will post progress pictures as I go. I also have some new pieces for headbands and some sewing projects. Ill be doing some diy posts if you wish 

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Excuse me while I kiss the sky

These photos were taken at Johanna Beach. I got up early to take them and keeping in mind that I'm camping my makeup is a little shabby. Im trying to update regularly but its been really hard to get a strong internet signal. I've been thrifting so much, I got some really good things for my room which I'm doing up. I also got this dress in Sale, It looks so nice on even though I'm a little bit fat. I love the sparkly bits Its so fluffy! This headband is another one of my creations. I love holidays, they have given me so many beautiful memories and so many gorgeous things. This one no exception. Australia is a beautiful place.

Headband- Made by me, Dress- Thrifted, Leggings- Jay jays, Docs- Vintage shop.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Im off around the ' The Great Ocean Road' one of Victoria's main attractions, It was a challenge to pack ill tell you that, I think i might do a feature on packing for camping because I did a pretty good job, for 8 days I have 4 versatile outfits. This was my travelling down outfit and it was pretty comfy for a seven hour trip. I had a quick thrift in Sale and I got alot of compliments. Thank you all for your beautiful comments on the last one. I love you all

Hat- Thrifted, Sunglasses- Paddys Markets, Doors Tee- Thrifted, Coloured Shirt- Thrifted, Levi Cutoffs- Thrifted, Docs- Vintage shop, Necklace- Gifted.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Itsy bitsy spider

I went thrifting the other day and I picked up this dress and these shoes. The dress is so comfy and i love the sleeves, the pattern is gorgeous, i love florals. I have so many ideas for what i can wear under it to clash. The shoes also are so cute. Im planning on wearing them for work experience because they are so comfy and easy to walk in. The headband in this one is a new creation with little toy spiders, i really like spiders and this one is so cute and the colours match alot of things i own. I also bought little turtles and made another cute one which ill post at a later stage. Im off on a roadtrip with mum tomorrow so hopefully ill be posting beautiful photos for the rest of the week.

Headband- Made by me, Dress- Thrifted, Belt-Thrifted, Shoes- Thrifted.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A day on the town

Today i went out to lunch with Nicole I was way too over dressed but still! Im loving this ensemble. Ive been doing alot of the dress with heels fancy look lately, but i havent been posting them. I think I like to look a bit fancy. I also picked up a pair of secretary heels today which will look so cute with knee high socks.
I hope we all are all having a lovely time. Im certainly loving my op shopping days 

Hat- Thrifted, Dress- Thrifted, Heels- Chinatown

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tim Burton inspired look.

This is my Winona Rider, Beetlejuice inspired look. 
I couldnt do the waxed full fringe look because my fringe is too long and my makeup needs fixing and perfecting but I said id do it.. so i did. 
Basically what I did was collected a huge section of hair at the back and tied it into a high pony, i then teased and spread it over the hair band and pinned a bit more hair back. 
The makeup was done using primer and pink and black eye shadow over the side of my face.
The tutu, is my take on the red dress from beetle juice and the black her gothic edge.
I added a few stereotypical 'Winona' pieces like the trench and the hat.

Necklace- Mum, Dress- Thrifted, Tutu- Thrifted, Trench- Thrifted, Hat- Thrifted, Shoes- Factorie.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Flower power!

Today is the first official wearing of my floral headband. I have really been into headbands lately ' girl with the flower' style. I have 2 floral and my toy policemen. Im also working on some new ones. 
This dress is my date night dress.. but i dont have a boyfriend so im just tending to wear it out to the shops.

Headband- Made by me, Necklace- Mum, Dress- Thrifted, Jacket- Nicole, Docs- Vintage store.