Saturday, 9 November 2013

orange hues, school girl shoes.

I know Ive been gone for a bit but I actually have some things to tell you about whats happened while Ive been gone. 
My hair is now of a fun apricot hue, one which im not sure suits me but its nice to have it a lighter colour as everything Ive had for a while has been a cool dark coloured shade. It took about 3 bleaching sessions and sitting with vitamin c and shampoo in my hair to get it light enough for orange. I had a weird mix of blonde and powder blue in my hair for a while. It does take some effort time and money to have coloured hair, i dont know how some people do it.

Another advancement in the life of Jade, Is i am now the proud owner of a belly piercing, The product of $60 and my pain tolerance yesterday, I will show it soon after its healed a bit. I would definantly have to say I am somewhat a piercing junkie, which is probably not something Ive discussed here before. 
Due to the influences of my favourite things such as metal and alternative culture aswell as my friends, I am one of those 'out there' types who plans to have thousands of tats and piercings by the time Im 20, at the moment, mum and dad have limited me to 3 ear piercings one side, two the other, a rook (top ear cartlidge), nose and belly button, i plan on getting a vertical labret, which is a bar through the bottom lip and some more ear cartlidge piercings. 

Ive also been sewing and thrifting a bit, I bought this red paisley blouse a few days ago in a half price sale, Im going to try my luck at upcycling soon.... I guess we will see if that goes well.. probably not. Im not a very good seamstress but im learning. 

This outfit is what i wore on my day off this weekend, the other day i wore my flouro orange icecream uniform which doesnt actually clash with my hair as i thought it would. I like the way the shirt looks paired under the dress, and the cute school girl shoes look, although im thinking of making them holographic through the power of diy! but maybe not as theyre very versatile. 

Beanie- Factorie, Earring- Gift from Izza, Paisley shirt- Thrifted, Dress- Gift from ex boyfriends sister, Stockings- Woolworths, Shoes- Garage Sale.