Sunday, 26 May 2013

Person Of Interest- Leda Muir (Leda Monster Bunny)

Starting today I will posting once a week a person of interest. Who is either inspiration, has great style, or I just generally like.

The first is Leda Muir, A Scene Queen and a youtube star.

Yes i know. A scene kid?
Well to be honest I love Scene kids, theyre cute and funny they have bright hair and listen to music like me.
I stumbled upon one of Lenas videos last year, when I was going through a Scene stage. I wanted to be a scene kid so bad, I wanted to be that cute sexy girl with the poofy hair, and living in a small town I would have been the only one, that appealed to be, I LOVE to be different. I read wiki how articles, I watched countless youtube videos and I cut my own hair, I was scene and I was proud.
I liked to spend my time watching youtube videos by other scene girls. I got bullied alot and it was getting me down so i needed to know that there WAS other people out there like me. I saw a video by Leda, She was this random cute girl with pink hair and she spoke about her outfit and thats how i become one of her biggest fans.
Ive watched most of her videos. She likes to game and she hates bullying shes made mistakes and she has tats and thats why i love Leda.
e has style value as well, she changes her hair quite regularly and she has gorgeous big eyes. My favourite was her with purple hair.


What to wear with a leather jacket- Outfit 2 (Girly)

I am really proud of how these photos turned out. Thanks mum! 
This is outfit two in my ten part series of ' what to wear with a leather jacket'. My girly meets punker rocker take, its commonly featured in , magazines and worn by celebs and this is my take.
I started by picking my one girly piece- The skirt, It is the perfect piece as it has the light pink slip and the black spotted tulle, its cut in a feminine way and a cute short length. Then i added the singlet top and the jacket. To add the curves and a different colour i gathered in with the green belt  and then the grey heels with bows as i wanted it to have a little more girlyness to it. To finish, one of my headbands and pink lip and viola! My outfit.
Pink is a good way to wear this look, it adds the girly side and is a great combination to black, but dont feel pressured to wear with skirts or dresses, a nice chiffion pink blouse with light denim works just a well.
The idea, is to put together girly pieces and then toughen with blacks and leather.
Good luck with your take on this look, link me pictures! Id love to see.

Headband- Made by me, Necklace- Thrifted, Jacket- Billabong, Black singlet- (worn underneath) Jay Jays, Belt- Thrifted, Skirt- Gift from Nicole, Heels- Thrifted.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How to wear a leather jacket- Outfit one. (a pop of colour)

For the next 10 outfit posts ill be doing 10 different ways to wear a leather jacket.
Im hoping it will open up my horizons in styling with a specific piece and im also hoping to do more of these. 
My Leather Jacket- Is an old style punk jacket, it is billabong.
This is outfit number one, a pop of colour.
I styled with light makeup and blue and gold accessories. Black on black with colour is a vital look for any girl to rock, it shows flair, and makes you stand out from the crowd. Personalisation is very important as well. I wore my yellow lace collared blouse as it gives more of a vintage feel rather then wearing a girly meets rocker pink structured piece. The blue flower necklace is a cute little accessory for the edgy side and the large earrings make this more feminine. You could add looks of gold of silver chain necklaces if you wanted to keep the tough look or a single chain with a quirky animal is nice as well.  Im wearing black wedges for footwear, as i saw this as more of a lunch with the girls look, biker boots would work so well as long as you keep them black, so the coloured piece sticks out, the important thing when rocking a pop of colour is that all the attention is draw to your coloured top, the rest should be kept minimal and in this case black. Leather jackets work very well when trying this look and mine gives it just that thing it needs, with a black belt pulling the jacket in at the waist this looked both classy and rock girl (i took it off as to show more of the yellow top) A leather jacket is the perfect way to wear this look.

Earrings- Thrifted, Necklace- Market, Collared blouse- Thrifted, Leather Jacket- Billabong, Skirt- Cotton on, Wedges- (not pictured) Rubi Shoes. 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Pencil skirt. You make the boys hurt. because you make me look. so damn fine.

Sorry I havent posted for a little while. I've just been moving my room and all my clothes were packed away,  This skirt I bought in a thrifting session with Nicole. Im gonna bribe her to do some model shots for me, because you all deserve to see how beautiful my bestfriend and biggest fan is, (she also owns amazing clothes).
Other then moving around my room, i also have amazing news and i mean, holyshitthatssogood#yoloswagimsojealousnews. As you all know i live in a country town and opportunities are pretty low for me, but for my work experience week i have scored a week in melbourne with an up and coming alternative amatuer designer, her name is Emilie Gray and she works from home but she makes some gorgeous things! and for my week ill be working for her and apparently helping her design so i am so keen.
I would highly recommend you have a look at her stuff because i instantly fell in love with her.
I promise you i will start doing some diys and some more interesting things because my blog is even boring me lately.
Also get keen because im going to start selling headbands on etsy.

Once again I love you all!