Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Movie Inspiration- 10 things I hate about you.

The story-
Kat Stratford, 
Is the sorta person i would love to be, shes a feminist, shes an individual and she doesnt care what others think, to the point where eveybody hates her. She does have one friend, a quiet girl with a love for William Shakespeare.

Kat Stratford.
Kat has a sister (Bianca)  who is totally different to Kat, she is popular, shallow and easily pleased.

Bianca Stratford.

The movie basically goes like this, Bianca wants to date but the sisters Dad has a rule, Bianca can date when Kat does, so she uses this poor boy who likes her to get him to get somebody to date Kat, so she can date this complete Fuckwit. There is lots of lying, fights, dates and using and then it all works out.

The two sisters have very different tastes but in their own ways are both very alike. Kat has the teen rebellion look down ( long curly effortless hair, tank crop tops and leather jackets) very I dont give a fuck. Bianca on the other hand has that 90s 8 going on 18 style ( Sundresses just below the knee, matching cardis and short shoulder length hair) Bianca is hot, but too hot for everybody.
The two sisters can be alike, with you seeing crossovers of the 'mother who left's ' pearls, the midriff showing tanks and jeans combo and for prom both sisters look as though they are beauty queens.

Pros and Cons-
Although I like elements to this movie, The 90s were my least favourite time period for that conservative look.
I dont like full outfits and hair styles. 
But using bits and pieces with 80s punk or 70s mod would work well. 

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