Saturday, 27 October 2012

Tutu power, GO!!

Well my week has been productive, but not in the ways i would hope..
I had to buy a snow white costume for a drama thingy and i ended up buying a tutu
and then wearing it at 3pm in the practically dead street, yep im cool.
My mum and i had a little 12ie photo shoot,

I think i look kinda retro 80s gothic

Tutu- $2 shop
Headband- Thrift store
Singlet top- Jay Jays
Boots- Bought off a buy trade sell fb page
Bracelets- Made by me
Denim Jacket- Garage sale (its staggers so its vintage!)
Suspenders - Jay Jays

                                     Song that im into atm: Ob la di, Ob la da- The Beatles.

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