Sunday, 26 May 2013

Person Of Interest- Leda Muir (Leda Monster Bunny)

Starting today I will posting once a week a person of interest. Who is either inspiration, has great style, or I just generally like.

The first is Leda Muir, A Scene Queen and a youtube star.

Yes i know. A scene kid?
Well to be honest I love Scene kids, theyre cute and funny they have bright hair and listen to music like me.
I stumbled upon one of Lenas videos last year, when I was going through a Scene stage. I wanted to be a scene kid so bad, I wanted to be that cute sexy girl with the poofy hair, and living in a small town I would have been the only one, that appealed to be, I LOVE to be different. I read wiki how articles, I watched countless youtube videos and I cut my own hair, I was scene and I was proud.
I liked to spend my time watching youtube videos by other scene girls. I got bullied alot and it was getting me down so i needed to know that there WAS other people out there like me. I saw a video by Leda, She was this random cute girl with pink hair and she spoke about her outfit and thats how i become one of her biggest fans.
Ive watched most of her videos. She likes to game and she hates bullying shes made mistakes and she has tats and thats why i love Leda.
e has style value as well, she changes her hair quite regularly and she has gorgeous big eyes. My favourite was her with purple hair.



  1. wow she rock! Thanx for your comment, shall we follow? let me know XSE

  2. It's better than I would excepted