Sunday, 12 May 2013

Pencil skirt. You make the boys hurt. because you make me look. so damn fine.

Sorry I havent posted for a little while. I've just been moving my room and all my clothes were packed away,  This skirt I bought in a thrifting session with Nicole. Im gonna bribe her to do some model shots for me, because you all deserve to see how beautiful my bestfriend and biggest fan is, (she also owns amazing clothes).
Other then moving around my room, i also have amazing news and i mean, holyshitthatssogood#yoloswagimsojealousnews. As you all know i live in a country town and opportunities are pretty low for me, but for my work experience week i have scored a week in melbourne with an up and coming alternative amatuer designer, her name is Emilie Gray and she works from home but she makes some gorgeous things! and for my week ill be working for her and apparently helping her design so i am so keen.
I would highly recommend you have a look at her stuff because i instantly fell in love with her.
I promise you i will start doing some diys and some more interesting things because my blog is even boring me lately.
Also get keen because im going to start selling headbands on etsy.

Once again I love you all!

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