Thursday, 24 October 2013

I wish i was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair.

It feels so good to be posting again,
Im really happy that can finally put enough effort into this blog again.
So of late I've done alot of op shopping and I've developed a more refined sense of personal style and I have alot of nice pieces.

So of late life has been interesting, I work at an ice creamery and its not actually a completely horrible job the other day some guy asked me how I actually have a job with my coloured hair, which was the most rude and stupid statement I have ever heard.
Im sure alot of people who may have stumbled apon this blog or whatever may suffer from discrimination based apon personal appearance or sex or race or whatever and it is horrible. I get it alot and thats only based apon the personal choices i make on how to look or whatever, I know some people who read my blog dont have coloured hair and they somewhat aspire to be like me, with coloured hair and whatever.
Id just like to let you know that it is hard and you have to be thick skinned and be prepared.
The ironic thing about my job is that, one of my bosses is really sexist and discriminates against me constantly, Im a feminist clearly and when Im told that, I kind of want to punch my boss in the head,
Discrimination is horrible and inevitable, I wish the world was different sometimes.
When I was a little and i used to get bullied alot, when I first saw the bridge to terribitha and i used to imagine  a world where there were no bullies and I was happy. These days I imagine a world with no gender binary, no sexism and really open minded people. Discrimination is horrible.
So stay strong beautiful peoples and keep being who you are, maybe one day the world will change.
But until then you have to stay strong, keep wearing what you want, keep saying what you want and just ignore everything else.

Top- Thrifted, Skirt-  Thrifted, Docs- Vintage shop. 

The skirt is a new favourite, I've gained a bit of weight and skirts are way way more flattering on my figure. I like the contrast of this, it reminded me of 80s days on ovals making out with boys. I defiantly am getting much better at this pairing thing. My lipstick is a toxic mix of eyeshadow and Vaseline, i wouldnt recommend it as a permanent but it is fun to try. 

Jade xx

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