Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Im off around the ' The Great Ocean Road' one of Victoria's main attractions, It was a challenge to pack ill tell you that, I think i might do a feature on packing for camping because I did a pretty good job, for 8 days I have 4 versatile outfits. This was my travelling down outfit and it was pretty comfy for a seven hour trip. I had a quick thrift in Sale and I got alot of compliments. Thank you all for your beautiful comments on the last one. I love you all

Hat- Thrifted, Sunglasses- Paddys Markets, Doors Tee- Thrifted, Coloured Shirt- Thrifted, Levi Cutoffs- Thrifted, Docs- Vintage shop, Necklace- Gifted.

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  1. Love the multi-coloured shirt!!!! x