Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Gold baby! Gold baby!

Christmas Eve, The day before Christmas, The eve of Christmas Celebrations. Everyone seems to get really freaked out and people are milling everywhere stocking up on last minute supplies, Not my family. I live with my mum, Its just mum and me so Christmas isn't really a big deal, we don't have alot of family so basically we just make some nice food and hang out at home, my dad comes over and its not a big deal. I would probably like to have more family but this is just how it is, and I tend to get way to stressed too easily so its probably better that out 'traditional' christmas is chill. Today we did some casual last minute christmas shopping and went for a quick trip to a close town to drop off some stuff to a friend have lunch and buy a new glue gun, I did some thrifting and got some new fake flowers and bits of junk for headbands. 

This look I planned around the top which is gold and sparkly, I added the headband which I made a few days a go for my birthday party, Its made using disney fairies and pastel roses that i bought from the reject shop. The lipstick is the brand I mentioned in my last post, I added the stockings and jellys and this really cute bag which I just bought the other day at the thrift store, I enjoy this outfit, it reminds me of fairies and good things. I just wish I could wear heels because that would totally pull this off. 

Headband- Made by me, Lipstick- Big W, Necklace- Jay Jays, Shirt- Thrifted, Dress-  Gift from Ex boyfriends sister, Stocking Socks- Garage Sale, Jelly Sandals- Factorie, Bag- Thrifted.


  1. I love this!! esp. the eye necklace and flower crown! The disney fairies on it are perfection <3333