Saturday, 28 December 2013

Theres unicorns in my hair, I have so much flair, i had a needle shoved into my face, Im a sexy member of the human race. HOLLA!

After the last 3 days, I am in a reasonably optimistic mood, there hasn't been any sweltering heat which is wonderful. Christmas was a wonderful day and my family went up and above with my Christmas presents, i got alot of money, a dslr camera, a dressmakers mannequin and more. I wore the headband I'm wearing in this post and a gorgeous high waisted glittery skirt that I thrifted on Christmas eve. On boxing day I spent a few hours in town with my girlfriends doing some shopping, I bought a pair of burgundy and black t- pair wedges and got into an awkward abusive situation in the main street with a footy head who called us lesbians. 

As you may have noticed my hair is a different shade, Its yellow in the fringe and purple on the shave, I dont love it as much as I thought I would, the purple looks a bit weird. But i like the yellow and i hated being blonde. 

Yesterday I did a city trip with my mum, as she promised we would after christmas, i got a piercing, bought some crop tops, the top im wearing is one, $60 worth of fake flowers, makeup and art supplies and some bits and pieces. 

It was a wonderful day! and there was some gorgeous boys around, aswell as i got alot of things I needed. My vertical labret did hurt but god it was so worth it! I've wanted this piercing for ages and to finally have it makes me so happy, apparently due to the fact that I have a lip piercing I am now ten thousand times more attractive, at lunch today i heard a group of guys discussing me, 'as the hot girl with the yellow hair and the lip thingy' I find it rather superficial shallow and frankly a little insulting, but whatever floats your boat really.

So the outfit is just a casual piece i threw together to go to lunch with mum, I bought the shirt and shoes in the city. I love jelly sandals, but after going to that gig i noticed that every 12 year old in the area owns and wears a pair, so i like them less now, but hey I stand out anyway so i doubt this will make a difference. The shorts i wore in a recent post and I thought would work well with  this top. The  bag I thrifted with Nicole last week, originally she picked it up but then decided she didnt want it, so i bought it, because I have an obsession with bags and I liked the pattern so much, its a really cute pattern like old vintage maps and its a lovely neutral colour. 

Excuse my lack of foundation,  but look! Blue mascara that mum bought me . 

so this is my vertical labret, its basically a curved bar through my bottom lip and i think its gorgeous, I've wanted it for a very long time, and i chose this one in particular as there is nothing inside my mouth to ruin my enamel, and the scarring wont be on my face and therefore not as noticebable when i take it out, i also just like how it looks and i have a pouty bottom lip so with this I have a gorgeous pout.

Headband- Made by me, Crop top- Cotton on, Shorts- Thrifted, Bag- Thrifted, Jellies- Factorie.

A close up of the pattern on my bag.

My gorgeous purple jellies! I love this shade, please excuse my disgusting legs. 

My headband, I used toothpick windmills, a unicorn and random tidbits from vintage charm braclets. 

I ordered 12 wire wrap headbands from hong kong about a month ago and i recieved them yesterday, I love the gorgeous polka dot pattern, get keen to see them in an outfit post soon.

And finally lipstick that i bought yesterday, Stargazer with a beautiful pigment and lots of glitter, I cant wait to wear these when my piercing heals a little.

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