Monday, 23 December 2013

My nipples, My choice

I began to wear bras before I needed them, I was 10 and I felt incredibly pressured to, nipples were not cool.. cleavage was. This was the way things were.

My mother a self affirmed feminist didn't agree with this. One day she decided that I had to go one day without wearing a bra, I cried and cowered and placed a jumper over myself. For the next 6 years I never went one day without wearing a bra, when I had friends over I slept in them. I had never ever been able to just not wear one, let alone go out into public without it.

2 years ago I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis, I had protruded ribs and it was very painful to wear an underwired bra, at the end of the day I would be in severe pain from the underwire. But still I had to continue to wear bras because there was an internal part of me that felt like it was not right not to, that a woman needed cleavage, and that seeing the outline of a stiff nipple was so disgusting and improper it should of been illegal.

I felt this way due to peer pressure and media influences, because of things that I had learnt during in my life from other people.

Since coming back from my scoliosis surgery I haven't been able to wear bras due to my re healing ribs and my healing scar. This has been a change and a shock to the system to a girl who foundations of adolescence were built on prehistoric views of proper womanhood.

But suddenly I begin to question everything Ive known, I have small tits. Im barely a 12 B, I dont need bras, I can wear a singlet top and feel supported. I dont have huge nipples or anything, It doesn't confront anybody if I dont wear a bra. So why do people feel the need to comment on it? Tell me its inappropriate? What makes people think that you have to wear a bra to be proper. Sure you can tell because my cleavage isn't in my face but other than that theres no huge identifier of my lack of fabric and underwire under my shirt.

So what is societies issue with the braless woman? Sure in some settings it might be  appropriate to wear a bra, but why all the time?

The questions hasn't really been answered to be honest, everywhere I look women dont even know why, suddenly we just feel obligated to smush our breasts into padded bras, and hide our shape and our nipples.
Bras are for support, not to hide you womanhood so ladies. join me in my nipples my choice and take one day just to let your breasts be free.

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