Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Baby its hot outside, come inside its cool with me.

The weather is absolutely disgusting, one of the things I hate so much about living in Australia, Its so hot that every single inch of me is coated in sweat from just taking these photos, sure we have beaches? yeah that are covered with tourists. I'm not allowed to swim in the surf due to my recent operation aswell and I cant get sunburnt. So this summers gonna more horrible than the last. 

Due to the horrible climate I cant exactly wear alot of layers so I just went with a basic crop top skirt combo.  I love the top so much, Its actually from cotton on, but I found it in the lingerie section in an opshop. Its supposed to look like an old style bra which you cant really tell from the photos, but thats what makes this one of my favourite pieces. The rest of the outfit I just sort of chucked together to brave the heat.

So tomorrows my birthday get together which I've spent the last few days organizing, I haven't actually done anything with my friends for my birthday for two years (when I got my nose pierced and trampled around the town like a complete idiot), so i am really excited. We decided we all had to wear pe uniform to salute to the fact we never have to do it again. I would love to set fire to my pe uniform but getting arrested for setting a fire on public property on a complete fire ban wouldn't be the best way to become 16. I'm planning on taking many photos and some I will post here! I think I might go with a satanist style so it just backs up the bullshit rumours some idiot started about my group. I am actually really excited and happy I planned something because no one really did anything for their sweet sixteenth. 

I'm also planning on going to a gig on friday night with some friends from my group and meeting up with some girls I was friends with when I used to attend the local shitty catholic school. Its a compilation of 2 shit indie bands and I'm not really going for the music choice. I never really do attend anything music wise here for the music. unless theres a metal band playing which never happens because theres like 15 people here who like metal. FEEL MY PAIN! But I am going anyway because the drummers of both bands hate me for either criticizing their music or not dating them, and I'm one for hilarious awkward moments. Aswell as I can wear a killer outfit and hopefully the guy I'm crushing on atm will be there. 

So there should be quite a few outfit posts going up soon. Also I'm gonna do some more substantial pieces of subjects of interest. 

Love you all 
Jade xx 

Scarf- Thrifted (worn in hair), Earring- Gift from Izza, Necklace- Thrifted, Friendship bracelets- Gift from Jarvis, Crop top- Thrifted, Skirt- Thrifted, Shoes- Payless shoes, Backpack- Etsy.

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