Sunday, 22 December 2013

Last Christmas I gave you my heart and the very next day you gave it away.

So there is officially two days until Christmas, I am neither excited nor dreading it. I know Im such an exciting optimistic person right! Ill try to be more fun loving or something for my lovely readers. The weather is of the lovely overcast kind which suits me just fine after my rant about how bad warm weather is. Yesterday I went for a wonderful drive with my lovely mum and today I hung out around the house watching pretty in pink until a quick mid day thrifting sesh at this really awesome op shop they open every summer for a charity of choice. My old primary school teacher is involved with it and I got to see a few people I like there, I didnt get any clothes, but I found a cute bag, a kylie minogue record, 3 barbie dolls and a Halloween skeleton. 

I wanted to theme this outfit around my new favourite shoes. My doc martens. A gift from dad and a gift he got so right. I love the shade of purple and the colour of the laces, they suit alot of things I own and I absolutely adore purple. So I just chose a simple pastel floral dress and some pink and purple hair accessories, aswell as this adorable lipstick/cream that I wear alot but have just somehow never posted. I bought it from priceline and then shortly after found that the brand do a whole range of fun shades for Big W including a bright pink and a flouro orange.

I haven't got a whole lot going on for me lately, so I havent got much to be deep and meaningful about. I just feel kind of depressed and let down by every single human being on the planet other than my mum who appreciates my sense of style and my need for gay rights. I probably spend way too much time with my mum for age and social status and all that bullshit but shes a cool person and she just kinda gets me more than most people. I know Im super boring and shit and I would really like to tell you whats going on with me but I just cant explain.. Im just lonely but theres no one here that I want to talk to. ew. small towns. 

Excuse the crap photo I was in a hurry.

A close up on the beautiful pastel fabric with the bowties that tie it in around the waist and make it more flattering. 

My beautiful vintage denim jacket from the late 70s.

Hairclips - (from left to right) Thrifted, diy, reject shop.

Lipstick- Matte lipcream by australias 

Dress- Thrifted, Jacket- Garage Sale, Docs- Present from Dad.

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