Saturday, 14 December 2013

Red and Blue, A superheroes hue.

Well hello lovely people! Today is the 2nd day of the official holidays for my school so I am actually able to see my friends instead of spending every waking day huddled in my room obsessively doing craft and diy, I was beginning to turn into a hermit. But the bonuses to a creepy horror movie-esc style diy addiction are rewarding as I now have a massive collection of awesome personalised clothes. This jacket I started before I went into hospital and I really dont think it can hold much more so I guess that makes it finished. I just glued bedazzles from the Reject Shop all over it and made badges out of toys and flowers using fabric and saftety pins, then I added One direction badges not because i particularly like 1D but because they're kind of the most adorable twinks I've ever seen. 
The rest of my outfit I based on Red and Blue, the theme of Mermaidens 50s barbie makeup look. 

I can't say alot has been going on in my life of late so I dont really have alot of inspiring anecdotes for you. I am almost officially 16! My birthday is the 21st so next week.  I can't say I really want to go do anything exciting, my hermit lifestyle is growing on me, but one of my friends is an avid rookie reader like me and she wants 'my sweet sixteenth' to be like Tavis. I was just thinking of eating cake at the cemetary and using a ouija board to call some spirits or something.. not traditional, i know but hey i hate parties.  In my entire life I have been to one party and 3 so called parties, so I dont think I exactly have the skills to be throwing one, aswell as i dont really drink and my generation dont tend to go to get togethers unless they can get plastered. 

So if i dont end up doing anything for my birthday I might just stay in my room watching Molly Ringwald movies and listening to records. I'm exciting, right? 

Hair clip- Markets, Earring- Gift from Izza, All seeing eye necklace- Jay Jays, Jacket- Garage sale (DIYed by me), Iron Maiden Shirt- Cream, Belt- Thrifted, Skirt- Thrifted, Petticoat (worn underneath- Thrifted, Stockings- Bonds for Woolworths, Docs- Vintage shop.

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