Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Shawtys like a melody in my head.

About 3 weeks ago i had a spinal fusion in Sydney, So I havent really been  up to doing an outfit post for a while, or if have my outfit hasnt been that great. Today I went thrifting with my Dad who is one of my biggest fans and reads my blog quite alot. HEY DAD! I was looking for photo frames for my ongoing room update which I've been working on for 6 months... its a tough task and its taking longer than I expected but Its been worth it so far so im continuing it. I picked up some sweet buys that weren't photo frames... because of course i couldnt just leave them there! Ill do a December favourites post soon so you can see them. 
So other than spending alot of time bed ridden, I've been doing alot of thrifting and diy and i have some amazing pieces, I'm making headbands for profit for a few local girls as I'm getting alot of good feedback from my recent headband diys. I'm also writing an article to submit to rookie, which I will feature here incase it doesnt get published. Its definantly a different world not going to school, I watch way too many early 2000 movies and spend alot of time lip syncing to Die Antwoord. 

Stay brilliant lovelies 

My wiggles backpack, which is a band for little kids, they've been around since I was a little kid and I thought this bag was adorable.
My cranky selfie. i couldnt seem to take  anything without pulling this face. 

Hair clip- Markets, Detachable collar- made by me, Suicide Silence merch- Markets, High waisted shorts- Thrifted, Docs- Vintage shop, Wiggles backpack- Garage Sale.

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