Sunday, 15 December 2013

My favourite bags

I've recently started collecting bags, mainly backpacks. This all began when Izza came to school with a seethrough daisy bag.

I was seriously jealous and all because it reminded me of my days back in primary school where i owned alot of see through things for no apparent reason. So it then became my mission to find the ultimate see through bag for my school bag for year 11 and 12, I spent many- a - days  googling when i stumbled apon this. 

This beautiful inflatable bubble backpack much like one of the 90s, I found it on etsy and it was the last one from the seller, I couldn't find anything quite like it anywhere else  and the little pockets with the shiny animals and stars won me over completely, It wasn't cheap, the bag ending up costing me almost $50 with postage but I was impressed with the postage time and I was gifted a free keychain and pony by the seller. I've been using this backpack nearly every day because its so adorable and looks good with almost everything I wear, Im sure it will end up featured in an Outfit post soon. Its also the same shade as Izza backpack and its see through so I feel like I've won the competition of coolest backpack. 

My wiggles backpack is another favourite as you may have seen in my recent outfit post, I haven't used it alot because its a bit too colourful to go with everything, It does give a certain flair to my band tee combos, I also love how it looks with red. I bought this bag from a Garage sale with a large abundance of childrens and babys things, it cost me $3 and it was really just an impulse buy. It really does remind me of an earlier post of Tavis involving a Thomas the tank engine backpack which is what made me think this one is really stylish and I can totally pull it off. 

This one i bought recently from a thrift shop, I'd seen it the last couple of times I'd been thrifting in the store but I hadn't thought to buy it until my backpack obsession started. It was 50 cents and in the childrens toy section, a weird place to put such a wonder, almost every thrift store in my town is extremely organised, not like the ones I've heard about in the US, so its rare to find something like this reasonably priced. I haven't actually used this backpack yet I've just admired it and thought of all the fun controversial things i could fill it with, like tampons and condoms. Pfft I'm not immature. But i am keen to try this one out, its kind of a capsule style bag and the pink would go well with some cute pastel colours, much like those in my Black milk bodysuit.

This bag was a gift from Izza and not normally something I would have picked for myself, but i absolutely adore it! I like how it resembles a tutu, as I absolutely adore tulle. It came filled with lots of fun things a typical Izza style present. I'm not sure whether or not I will use this bag but it is pretty to look at, I have some mary janes that Im adding black glitter to that might suit it perfectly. I think recieving a gorgeous bag like this which I wouldn't normally pick for myself has opened my mind to looking for the possibilities an item might have and since recieving this I've picked up things I wouldn't normally have and purchased them. I think it pays to learn from other people.

This bag is more my style and less extravagant than my other favourites but still something worth mentioning. I love satchel bags and with the recent death of my gorgeous vintage black satchel I needed something to replace it. I bought this from a Thrift store for $1.50 a few days after getting back from hospital, I'm not usually into coloured satchels and prefer brown and black but this is definitely my favourite satchel I've owned. Its sturdy and woven and the blue seems to go with most things I own. 

So at the moment I definitely have a thing for bags, since I was 8 year olds I've owned a handbag and never been spotted without one, I believed that owning a handbag would make me more grown up on some level and it just kinda stuck, so I own a massive collection of Bags, I've lost count to be honest. I like how you can hold so much crap inside a bag, lip gloss, chap stick, my entire lipstick collection, sunglasses, wallet, phone, ipod, childrens toys etc.. 

So like me I hope you enjoy bags and my favourite bags collection may have inspired you for future purchases. 

Jade xx 

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