Saturday, 21 December 2013

My party

My birthday party didnt go as planned.. It started ok and then just kinda sucked. I dont want to go into it but nothing went as planned really and it was really bad. I dont have any photos from the night and Id rather not talk about it, some of my friends just let me down and I guess in the end I just realised how all we are is a group of outcasts thrust together and none of us even really like each other. I like a few people atm and thats it.

I did somewhat kinda make up for it that night the next day. I ended up going to the gig with the shitty indie bands with a friend from my past. I dressed to impress, Instead I just got started at quite alot, and it wasn't even that out there. But it was actually a good night, although the music wasn't brilliant. I am capable of dancing which is brilliant and I did for very long periods of time until I got all gross and sweaty and my lipstick smeared all over my face and my eyeliner ran... and it just wasn't a good look.

My 'crush' was there and I'm really a horrible judge of character. Im not going to slander, Im just going to say hes VERY different in the company of friends. So I've pretty much given up on the thought of dating, realistically I want a cute hipster boy with glasses who enjoys records, the smiths and writes poetry and wants to adventure all of the country and thrift with me. I have not seen anybody even close in this town, not surprising since we're all about 'the surf' and being 'fakely indie' and 'skating'. I honestly despise where I live so so so much. I wear a cute vintage floral dress and docs down the street and everyone looks at me like Im from mars? this clearly explains why nobody here interests me, or is interested in me. I just live in the wrong spot i guess. Honestly though small towns are the worst if you want to date people.

So Im not exactly in the greatest mood. I had a crappy pre birthday party and my birthday itself wasn't exactly the greatest. The only good thing was the gig night which is why Im not huddled in the bottom of wardrobe listening to coldplay seeking comfort in the fabrics. But somebody out there has to get how I feel right? I just dont fit in anywhere... not even with my friends. I just want to meet a cute boy and have cute friends and be cute and happy.

So this was my outfit for the gig, I have a thing for using tutus as petticoats underneath skirts of dresses for gigs and events where I dance as they make it look awesome when I twirl. 

Hair clip- Markets, Necklace- Thrifted, Dress- Thrifted, Cardi- Borrowed from mum, Tutu- (worn underneath) $2 shop, Pink Stockings- Bonds for Woolworth, Fishnets- Worn over (not visible because of lighting) Bras and things, Docs- Vintage shop. 

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